The “Orchid Room”

The Orchid Room was the master bedroom, doubling in size during the    1909 second floor renovation. The bathroom located on the west side,       also completed during the renovations, represents an  older style of décor than that in the Green and Gold Rooms’ bathrooms. After Mrs. Butterworth’s death in 1953, the contents of the master bedroom were gifted to a Wiman family niece. In 2009, the furniture (including the long dresser on display) was returned to the William Butterworth Foundation.


The portrait on the west wall is of Sarah Little, a native of Massachusetts. Her husband, Josiah Little, is seen in a portrait in the downstairs Library. Both Sarah and Josiah, relatives of Katherine Deere Butterworth, participated in the Revolutionary War.

Orchid Room as it appeared in the 1950s

The Butterworths obtained Apache Raiders during one of their many stays in Santa Barbara, California. Artist Alexander Harmer (1856-1925) is remembered as one of the first important painters of the West, known for portraying the old West and the ways of the California vaquero.  He was a leader in California’s art community in the late 1800s through

the early twentieth century.

Apache Raiders