The “Gold Room”

The Gold Room served as a guest room.

It was remodeled in 1925, at the same time the first floor was renovated, to add the colonial style wallpaper and matching furniture, as well as an Italian tile bathroom. The balcony, only accessible through the Gold Room, was added when the Dining Room (located directly below  on the first floor) was renovated.

The Bathrooms in the Gold and Green Rooms were completed in 1925 in a style popular at that time, which emphasized clean lines. The custom-made tile for both was purchased from Italy and displays a unique characteristic of Italian tile: when an order is placed, the purchaser’s initials are stamped into the back of the tile, as evidenced in the tile work for both the  Gold and Green Rooms.

The Gold Room as it appeared in the 1950s

Bathrooms in the green and gold rooms


The Gold Room Today